North Somerset Council

The Conferences South West team were very enthusiastic and professional in their approach to supporting our conference. They have a lot of useful contacts, which they were able to introduce to North Somerset Bursars, Administrators and Business Managers (BABM).  Following the success of the marketplace that CSW hosted for us at our conference, we invited them back to play a more participative role the following year in running not only the exhibition, but also helping to provide speakers known to them. At the end of the conference, CSW gave us a cheque in respect of our profit share from the exhibition, which was used to pay for other BABM Network meetings, allowing us to provide refreshments and nice venues.

CSW can provide as much or as little input as required and help fund the cost of the day by sharing the revenue from the exhibition too.  We are happy to recommend CSW to any school association who is thinking of running a conference, especially those who do not have the operational or financial resources to run one.

Sue, Avril and Helen North Somerset Bursars committee.