QDP Services Ltd – Exhibitor

The conference was great and the prize draw that we contributed to really made an impact on the number of leads/interest that we got from delegates. The venue was also lovely in stunning location.  We would definitely recommend this event to others and hope to be invited to other events organised by yourself.

North Somerset Council

We were introduced to Conferences South West in 2011. The team were very enthusiastic and professional in their approach to supporting our conference for 2012.   Conferences South West have a lot of useful contacts, which they were able to introduce to North Somerset Bursars, Administrators and Business Managers (BABM).  Following the success of the marketplace that CSW hosted for us at our conference in 2012, we invited them back to play a more participative role this year in running not only the exhibition, but also helping to provide speakers known to them, for our Conference for 2013. At the end of the 2012 conference, CWS gave us a cheque in respect of our profit share from the exhibition, which was used to pay for other BABM Network meetings, allowing us to provide refreshments and nice venues.

CWS can provide as much or as little input as required and help fund the cost of the day by sharing the revenue from the exhibition too.  We are happy to recommend CSW to any school association who is thinking of running a conference, especially those who do not have the operational or financial resources to run one.

Sue, Avril and Helen

Westcare Supply Zone

I just wanted to say, on behalf of all of us, a big thank you for looking after us so well at the Llanhydrock Hotel PAPH conference. Fiona felt that you really promoted us well as sponsors of the conference and this contributed to many people visiting our stand on Thursday looking for freebies! We hope to be agreeing with PAPH to sponsor all of their future conferences so no doubt we shall meet again soon.

Deborah Webster
Managing Director

NAHT South West – Ian Bruce

I have known and worked with Sue Harris for over fifteen years.  She was the representative for Devon Purchasing, who then became Supply Zone.  She worked with me organising the exhibition for the annual conference of the South West Region of NAHT.  This is held in the Autumn in Tiverton.  These were successful events and one of the key reasons for attendance was a quality exhibition.  

Sue liaised with the NAHT committee, but took full responsibility for all issues to do with the exhibition.  She ensured that the exhibitors were not only of high quality, but relevant to the theme of the conference.  Her organisation and professionalism has always been of the highest quality.  We were very sorry to see the end of Supply Zone, but were delighted to discover that Sue has continued in her role of exhibition co-ordinator for a new company, Exhibitions South West.  We have already engaged them for the next South West Annual Conference and across the region NAHT has used the new company in Devon and Cornwall. 

Cornwall Association of Primary Headteachers

The Cornwall Association of primary headteachers (CAPH) asked CSW to arrange the exhibitions for their annual conference this year.  Arranging exhibitors, when speakers etc have to be organised for an event is very time consuming and we wouldn’t have found it easy without the help of CSW and Sue Harris.  They were very professional and nothing was too much trouble.  I would certainly recommend them and CAPH will definitely be using their services again.

I can say that I would highly recommend Sue to anyone who is thinking of adding an exhibition to a local event.

Rahmqvist Ltd – Steve Amesbury, Area Sales Representative

I just wanted to say that Neil and I enjoyed very much the recent SAPHTO conference in Yeovil.

I have attended all of these conferences at which exhibitors have been present since 2005 and must say that this one was the most successful in terms of interest from delegates. 

I wish you all the best in your future endeavours, especially from my own point of view, in Bristol, where the potential is huge and where I have only managed to have a stand once in six years (which was inordinately successful for us). It was all set up for us to attend this year, but at the last minute the committee decided against having exhibitors.  

I appreciate that one of your skills is to appraise the committees and potential delegates of the advantages of having organisations like Rahmqvist present at such conferences so that we may point out ways in which we can help head teachers and senior management carry out their onerous tasks more efficiently.

Good luck and thanks. 

Lighting up Learning Ltd

Somerset Deputies Conference – 6th June 2018

I just had feedback from the team on the conference and we had a great day. We met loads of new schools and had some brilliant conversations. Do let me know if you set up anything else in the area, we’d almost certainly be along.