TSSW – Early Years Conference

19th March 2020




Conferences South West is pleased to be working with the Exeter Consortium TSA, to bring you this new event for 2020, which will be held at Exeter Racecourse.The event is being run by the newly created Teaching Schools South West, which is an umbrella organisation for the Exeter Consortium, South Dartmoor TSA and SWTSA, (which is primarily for Secondary Schools). The organisers are anticipating 100 plus Leaders / Advisors / Practitioners from Devon, Somerset and Cornwall and have 37 already booked to attend.

Conference aims   

There is a worldwide consensus in the field of early years about the status of well-being and involvement
(engagement) as key elements of quality. In the experiential approach these two indicators stand centre
stage: they tell us how each child is doing in the setting and are the first indicators for the power of the learning environment. That is why well-being and involvement can serve as guide and inspiration in our efforts to improve quality.

It is time however to look beyond the process and ask ourselves why well-being and involvement are so
important, what they bring about and especially how this benign and sustainable impact takes shape whenever we succeed in getting the higher levels of well-being and involvement.

In our reflections we realise that well-being is not the result of ‘pampering’ children but rests on an active role of the child. We also understand that what we achieve with well-being is making sure mental health – self confidence, self-esteem, resilience – is secured.  Involvement, likewise, is not just ‘having fun’ but a state in which the mental activity is most intense, the necessary condition for ‘deep-level-learning’.

During the conference we ask, ‘what kind of outcome we want’, ‘what kind of learning environment we need’ and ‘how we can monitor this quality’, in collaboration with parents.

Programme includes

• The outcome we want
• Well-being and involvement as guides
• Focusing on mental health and social competence
• How to get there: the monitoring of quality
• A rich environment
• The power of an experiential adult style

Exhibitors info

Delegates will be sited in Denman room for the duration of the conference.

Exhibitors will be sited in Best Mate where a buffet lunch and ALL refreshments will be served.  In addition, there will be some exhibitors’ space in the corridor which runs from the Denman along the front of the Best Mate, which are both located on the ground level.  Registration will be in the main entrance, please see exhibitors plan downloadable below.

Early Years Conference 2020 – Agenda

Early Years Conference 2020 – Flyer

Ferre Laevers is Director of the Research Centre for Experiential Education based at the University of Leuven and former President of the European Early Childhood Education Research Association. Most of his work is linked to the innovative ‘Experiential Education’ project (EXE) of which he was the founder, almost 45 years ago.

Julia Moons has been part of the EXE project since 1980. As a preschool teacher she has made a major contribution to the development of practice that supports well-being and involvement in children.


Thursday 19th March, 2020


Exeter Racecourse, Haldon Hill, Kennford, Nr Exeter EX6 7XS

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19th March 2020

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