South Gloucester Primary & Secondary Heads Conference

5th & 6th March 2020

South Gloucestershire Primary & Secondary Conference

Thursday 5th & Friday 6th March 2020

Conferences South West and Integra Schools (which is the trading arm of South Gloucestershire Council) are partnering to invite you to attend the above conference.

The Conference is a two day event with the exhibition being held on Thursday 5th March only.  The exhibition will be held in the St Pierre Suite where all the refreshments will be served and is adjacent to the main conference area.  Lunch will be served in the restaurant which is close by.

Please note ALL exhibitors will need to be approved by Integra to ensure that you do not conflict with their internal services.

It is anticipated that approximately 80 delegates will be attending this event.

For the conference flyer and draft agenda please click on the link below:-  to follow


Thursday 5th and Friday 6th March 2020


St Pierre Marriott, St Pierre Park, Chepstow, Wales NP16 6YA

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Exhibitors Floor Plan

Exhibition Plan South Gloucs – 5th – 6th March 2020




5th & 6th March 2020

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