Somerset ICT Conference

15th November 2016



Build the learning conversation at #SomersetConf2016

Conferences South West and the Elim team who are part of Somerset County Council invite you to attend the above conference, which is being held at the Dillington House, Nr Ilminster, Somerset.

The audience for the exhibition are ICT and Computing coordinators, teachers and senior management from Somerset primary and secondary schools and will be extended to schools in surrounding local authorities.  The organisers anticipate between 80-100 delegates.

Exhibitors will be located in The Garden and Butlin rooms where refreshments will be served throughout the conference.  A split lunch for delegates will be served in the main house to allow viewing time throughout the lunch period.

Please see attached room plans for stand allocations, which will be on a first come first served basis only.

Please download the overall site plan, showing where the exhibition rooms are located in relation to the main conference area which will be held in The Theatre (No. 11) and the main house where lunch will be served.  The seminars will be held in Studios 1 & 2 (Nos 16 and 17) and The Courtyard room (No. 8 and The Cameron room (No. 7).


Fit for the Future is a day planned for teachers to consider the ways we use technology to teach, the ways children can use technology to learn, and how these can impact on our learners’ fitness for the future. The day will comprise interactive sessions, hosted by our keynote speakers, with local teachers and educationalists sharing their experiences.

The day is being organised by a management team, including technology advisors from eLIM (part of Somerset’s Support Services for Education), Conferences South West and main sponsor Futurform ICT


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15th November 2016


Dillington House, Nr Ilminster, Somerset TA19 9DT



15th November 2016

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